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Rio is our 3 year old happy Labrador. I found him when he was 3-4 month old in the busy roads of Chennai, he was very clean, well fed, wearing a nice little blue collar. After staying with him for about 3 hours searching his paw-rents, no one came looking for him. I really wanted to take him home but I didn't want him to loose his home, so I left my contact and a short note with my address to the shop keepers near by to call me if anyone is looking out for him so that I could return to his paw parents. After weeks of no response, I realised that a huge number of puppies and dogs go missing due to fact that there is a lack of communication in such difficult time and created FindMyPets tagged collars that helps eliminate loosing of pets ever again. Rio has inspired me to make sure no paws ever go missing.

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